AvailPay™ - The most secure payment system on the planet

  • Say GOODBYE to credit card fees
  • Secure person to person payments
  • Instantly transfer funds to anyone, anywhere
  • Does not impact credit scores

Let us show you how we can save you money and time every day totaling thousands annually.

AvailPay™ Give Back Program

We have partnered with some of the most important non-profits in your communities. Now, through your patronage, you can simply elect to add a ½ percent to your purchase towards your non-profit of choice. But it doesn’t end there with our charitable giving. AvailPay™ and its advertising partners will EACH match your ½ percent contribution to YOUR preferred non-profit or church! This means 1½% of every purchase will go to a greater cause!

AvailPay™ - Where convenience meets security

  • Sign up in seconds
  • Available to anyone with a smart device
  • Eliminated the need for credit card fraud services/departments
  • Less overhead in security personnel = MORE SAVINGS for YOU!
  • AvailPay™ Fees Explained

    Download cost $0.00 No download cost
    AvailPay account Setup $0.00 No fee to setup
    Monthly fees $0.00 No monthly fees
    Person to person 0% No fees for sending/receiving funds
    Purchase from business 0% No fees to consumers to shop
    Purchase online from business 0% No fees to consumers online
    Transfer from verified checking/savings account 0% No fee
    STANDARD (1-3 days)
    0% processing fee to transfer funds to your verified checking/savings account
    INSTANT (within minutes)
    0.49% – 0.99% processing fee to your verified checking/savings account
    (+Low to NO p/transaction fee)
    Transfer AmountTransaction fee
    $0 – $99.99 $0.69
    $100 – $499.99 $0.49
    $500 – $999.99 $0.39
    Over $1,000 Free
    (maximum transaction fee of $25 per transaction)
    Processing fee per transaction 1.8% Only 1.8% (+ $0.08 per transaction)
    *Compared to standard credit card processing fees of 2.2% – 4.65%

    Security Should Never Take A Back Seat To Your Payment System

    We pride ourselves in having THE MOST secure payment platform on the planet. Join AvailPay™ and start saving today.